The Sea Road: Fate Assembly


Assemble your heroes, prepare for a journey of the strongest! Experience the thrill of sea warfare and the fun of brand-new combat control!

-Fabulous visuals, extreme experience

Exquisite characters and visuals, exhilarating battle anime and skill effects, and extreme experience!

-Amazing freebies, light and fun

Amazing freebies to open with, high draw chance and giveaway for rookies. Download now to claim gifts and begin your sea adventure!

-Multi challenges, build your own crew

6 hero camps, mix and match as you wish. Adjust your strategy and squad to fit each battle, turn the table in an instant and dominate every opponent!

-Zero grind, freeloaders’ paradise

Strategize and rack your brain, arrange your heroes to counter every rival squad, zero whaling required, 100% fun guaranteed.